Creating the Museum 2.0 Experience

5 08 2009

By Phil Jaeger, Director of Operations

I traveled to many museums this summer on my vacation, and I can say without a doubt our volunteers are the best anywhere.

The reason why I think we have the best volunteers relates to a blog I have been reading that discuses Museums 2.0, which is a comparison of Web 1.0 and 2.0 to museums

What are the concepts Web 1.0 or 2.0? If you look at Web 1.0, you are in a passive user mode where the content is placed there and you merely read it. Web 2.0 is based on participation; in other words, a user generates, shares and interacts with the Web site.

Currently there is a movement to transition museums from a 1.0 experience to a 2.0. I would argue that our Museum has always been there. You might wonder how that is? Our docents make the difference.

Although we have the typical reader boards next to the artifacts, please take the time to talk to our volunteer docents. They will give you the Museum 2.0 experience. Most of them have served or worked with the aircraft on display, some have even flown it. By talking to these individuals, I have been taken to the skies over Vietnam, to the daylight bombing over Germany, or to the landing of a Corsair on an aircraft carrier.

In closing, we are always looking for more volunteers to bolster our already incredible group. Whether it is on the weekends in the Museum, at night with our events crew, or during the week in our restoration hangar, there is a spot for you.




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30 08 2009

Hello, we visited this museum 08/29/09 and have been here many times, the price just keeps going up and up. The museum over head board the shows the prices is so confusing and when we paid the bill of almost $80 this turned out to ruin the whole experience for us! This is not family/budget freindly and what was with all the computers being shut down so you coulnd’t even go play in that section. My family are museum lovers and don’t expect to get in free but for one museum for the 6 of us $80 dollars is WAY too much, If any one asked my about it I would say don’t waste your time!! We will never come back!

6 09 2009
Rusty Denham

When will the F-105G & F-4C be moved back across the Hwy. to the museum? I have always enjoyed taking pictures of the Air & Space campus at night and this would be a great opportunity to get some rare pictures.

Thank you,

8 09 2009

Sorry for such the late response! I found out just this morning that those two aircraft will be moving across the highway today (Tuesday, September 8).

10 10 2009
David Strean

My comment is concerning the stickers that you can buy to put in the back window of you car or whatever. I also recived one with my membership.
I have no problem with the logo, but they are very poor contrast and hard to see even if you stand very close. I would like to have one that is easyier to see. I like to show off the fact that I am a proud member.
I dont know, maybe a picture of the Spruce Goose would be easyier to contrast.

13 11 2009


We just received our new window decals this week! They will be included in all new and renewing member information packets. But to make sure that you receive one, please email, or call membership director Amy Quick at 503-434-4007.

Thanks for asking! And if I say so myself, they look great!

13 10 2009

Thanks for your comment! We have actually designed new member window stickers that will hopefully be available in the next two months. I will post a comment when I know the exact date!

14 10 2009
Patti Rossman

Nice articles, found the one about the movies and how much film is used etc very interesting. Thanks for the little tidbits.

12 11 2009

Since November is Aviation History Month so we thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite kid-friendly aviation museums we’ve visited around the country. It’s not an exhaustive list by any means, so if you know of other good aviation museums for kids, please stop by and let us know at Thanks.

16 11 2009
David Strean

Just found the new window sticker in my mail box. Looks great. can’t wait to get it in my window.

Thanks a lot.

16 11 2009
Riley Sanders

Great site !

\Very informitive of whats going on with in the museum campus, Can’t get enough of Airplanes !

keep’em coming !

3 07 2011
Charlotte & Darrell Nielsen

We saw a red and white Chinook helicopter fly over NE Salem, OR, several times yesterday, Saturday, July 2, 2011. Is this one from your fleet? If so, is this a special event set aside for the fourth of July holiday, or something we can continue to look forward to more frequently; It is exciting to watch and curious weather we’ll see more in the future days ahead; where are they dispatched from and is there a regular flight schedule? Any information you have that could satisfy our curiosity would be appreciated, as the saying goes, “Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back!”
Thank you,
Charlotte & Darrell Nielsen

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