Drop In Visitors

14 08 2009

By Phil Jaeger, Director of Operations

Welcome to the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum Blog.  I began writing this to keep people informed about the fun things that happen every week at the Museum.  I want to say I was forced into doing this by our marketing and PR department, but it did not take much arm twisting. 

I hope to publish a new blog every week, but I might not be the only contributor. I ask you to help improve EASM’s blog by posting your comments, both positive and negative, so we can improve and grow.

This week, I received a phone call from the 160th SOAR group in Washington State. They needed to do a training flight and thought we were just about the right distance from their home base in Fort Lewis. This group had recently returned from Afghanistan, and was eager to spend what is known as their Annual History Day (a day they use to review military history) with us at the Museum.  Luckily, our director of education (Larry Wood, retired Marine) was not preoccupied with teaching school children and was able to give them a tour. They returned the favor by giving us a tour of their helicopter, the MH-47.

We also had a drop in from a couple of OH-58 Kiowa Warriers from Fort Lewis as well. Based off of a Bell 206 JetRanger, the OH-58 adds a masthead target sighting system and its own weapons system. It demonstrated quite the punch from such a small helicopter.

We really appreciate all the helicopters flying down and the troops answering all of our questions. We salute all of those in service to our country as well and thank them for the jobs they do.

Next week’s blog: “Hot Air Rises”

MH-47G Chinook

MH-47G Chinook

MH-47G Chinook

MH-47G Chinook

OH-58 Kiowa Warrior

OH-58 Kiowa Warrior




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