A Whole Lot of Hot Air

1 09 2009

By Philip Jaeger, Director of Operations

I hope some of you joined me for our 2nd Annual Loose Goose Fly-Out Hot Air Balloon Rally on August 22 and 23.  It was amazing watching the burners throwing flames five feet in the air and the balloons slowly waking up and righting themselves, the pilots jumping in and taking off into the morning sky.   

What surprises me every time we host this event is the noise of the burners. It almost sounds like a fighter jet’s after burner. But it’s even more impressive when the balloons are floating right over you and you can hardly even hear them.  

This year’s event was better than last year’s because we had a total of 16 hot air balloons rather than just 12. There was hardly any wind on Sunday, which meant the balloons just hovered over the Museums. One even floated right between the IMAX and the Aviation Museum. 

We had Explore Northwest here filming on Saturday Night, so expect to see a link to that episode here on the blog in another month or so. They got some great shots of the night glow on Saturday. 

I would also like to thank our sponsors, Pepsi, Blue Star Gas, and the Red Lion Hotel in McMinnville, who helped us pull off a great event.

I hope to see you all next year at the 3rd Annual Loose Goose Fly-Out Hot Air Balloon Rally!  IMG_2314











2 responses

6 09 2009
paul cupp

I was told that you have an AH1G cobra from the 7/1 air cav…with 96 tears on side…..That cobra was is pictured on the site below…..scroll about halfway down the page……I was with the 7/1 69-70…..but have some contacts with other……Thanks for your time Cuppy http://www.vhpamuseum.org/1stcav/7thsquad/7thsquadatroop.shtml

8 09 2009

That is indeed correct. The aircraft we have is serial # 69-16434, which served with the 7/1 Air Cavalry in Vietnam and wore the name “96 Tears.” It was later modified to AH-1F standards with the armored cockpit glass and the infra-red suppression gear, etc. It is on loan to the museum from the U.S. Army TACOM.

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