H-34 Choctaw Helicopter

9 11 2009

By Philip Jaeger, Director of Operations

The Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum recently welcomed a new arrival, the Sikorsky H-34 Choctaw helicopter.  As always, the helicopter seemed to grow once it got inside the building. It always seems that once I have a spot picked out for an aircraft, it is never the right size. 

The aircraft, as you can see in the pictures below, started out in bad shape. The Museum restoration crew in Marana, Arizona refurbished the helicopter to how you see it now.  As they were cleaning the paint of off the helicopter, they noticed it had the markings of the South Vietnamese Army, which meant that the aircraft had seen combat at one point in its life. So, our curator decided to repaint the aircraft with those markings. 

From the research we have done, this is only one of 20 that were given to the South Vietnamese from the Marines in 1969. Later, some of these were reclaimed by the U.S. Army. In its standard configuration, the helicopter can hold up to 16 troops. Sikorsky built 1,000 of these helicopters in total.  To the best of my knowledge we are only one of five museums to have an H-34 Choctaw on display.

We hope you can come out and see this large helicopter inside the Aviation Museum.  We have more aircraft coming this year so stayed tuned to the blog and facebook for more updates.

H-34 Before

The H-34 Choctaw when the Museum first acquired it

H-34 004

The H-34 after restoration

H-34 001

The H-34 with the restoration crew in Marana, Arizona.

H-34 008

The H-34 repainted with its original South Vietnamese markings




3 responses

26 04 2010
minh hien nguyen

It good to see H34 in South vietnamese airforce marking . It sure did bring it back the memory of my father, when he is belong to 211 squaron in south vietnamese aiforce.It a great work your guys had done, can not be any better than this. Thanks

19 08 2010
Danny Dinh

It is with great honor to see this former VNAF H-34 restored to its original markings. I’m sure there are lots of history behind this H-34.

I have a request to make regarding the star and bar. It is not quite accurate in color. I have a picture of the correct star & bar (from other VNAF H-34’s) but not sure how to attach the picture to this.

Please send me an email and I can send you the pictures.

Also, I have a picture of this particular H-34 when it was still with the VNAF.


11 12 2011
burn off the weight

Thankfully some bloggers can write. Thanks for this post.

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