ISS Downlink Winner: Steven Irving

22 12 2010

Steven Irving is a 4th grader at Memorial Elementary in McMinnville, Ore. He submitted the following entry to the Museum’s ISS Downlink contest in order to win a seat at the question and answer session with astronauts on Jan. 19.

The Big Moment of Blast-Off

 I was so happy I was one of the few kids out of the entire U.S.A. to go on this perilous journey to the International Space Station. I went through the two whole years of training underwater and in a space shuttle simulator for many hours at a time. It was all up to this moment in my life.

 I knew I was a very lucky Kid! I also knew me, and the five other kids were the first kids launched into orbit. Then, I heard the man from Mission Control say, “ten, nine, eight” …so I got ready for the biggest moment in my life. I was set and ready for ignition. I was all strapped in, and I was so excited! And Mission Control continued, “seven, six, five four…” I gave one last wave to my family and friends on the video screen.

 I was all pumped up about microgravity instead of normal gravity, because that meant I got to float through the air. I was also grateful that we had oxygen tanks. I had a lot running through my mind. I just could not wait to see what it looked like in outer space! “Three, two, one, zero, ignition!” I felt the jolt of blast-off. I was thinking I witnessed at least 2 G’s! I saw everything whiz by me.

 When we finally got to the International Space Station, I looked back to where I was just a couple of hours ago. I thought I was Oregon, but I wasn’t positive. I could even see the Great Barrier Reef in Australia!

 On the Second week, I was pretty tired because I only got about 6-8 hours of sleep a day. I also missed my friends and family down on Earth. But I started making friends with the five other kids President Obama let NASA take on this wonderful journey to the International Space Station!

Dedicated: to the hard working NASA astronauts at the International Space Station.




6 responses

15 01 2011
Steven's Uncle Curtis Irving

Hi Steven, This is a very fine essay on going to the Space Station. Keep up the good work and maybe, someday, you’ll be the first man on Mars! love you, Uncle Curtis

18 01 2011
Dale Johnson

Congratulations Steven….what an honor to be able to ask questions of the astronauts on the space station! What do you plan on asking??? I’ve always wondered how they go to the bathroom!!!!!:) Or drink liquids..or maybe they don’t! Anyway..have fun tomorrow! Aunt Dale

18 01 2011
Jeff Irving

Wow Steven, that was very well written and exciting to read. Nice job buddy!

26 01 2011

We are so proud of you Steven! Love, Mom and Dad

1 03 2011
Jere Boundy

Congratulations Steven, what a great opportunity for a great little guy! You learned so much, and have done so much, you can be very proud. I am so proud of you, and much love, grandma Jere

2 03 2011
Janet Lebold

Steven, What a great essay! It’s so well written, too. Congratulations on being chosen…….we all are very proud of you! Maybe someday you’ll get a chance to do something exciting like that. Dream big! I love your drawing, too. Good
job, Steven! Love, Aunt Janet and Uncle John

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