ISS Downlink Winner: Cindy Borja

28 12 2010

Cindy Borja is a 2nd grader at Wascher Elementary School in Lafayette, Ore. She submitted the following entry to the Museum’s ISS Downlink contest in order to win a seat at the question and answer session with astronauts on Jan. 19.

I would like to go to space to see different planets. I would really like to see Jupiter’s great red spot. I would also love to see half of the solar system. Because some planets are cold and some are hot. If I were to go to space, rockets point would be red. The bottom would be blue, like some toy rockets. I would like to visit the International Space Station to visit Astronots, and ask about what they know about some stars and planets so I can learn some more about stars and planets. And I say if I went to space I would like to see the flaming red hot sun. I would fly to space in my rocket. First I check if the battery and engin of the rocket is full. If it is I’ll fly to space. If it isin’t, I’ll fix it then then go to space. I would ask the astronot. What do you eat in the space station? Where and how do you sleep inside the space station?

Cindy Borja's visual entry for the ISS Downlink contest.




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