Evergreen First Class Cooking: Summertime Grilling

13 08 2011

By Executive Chef, David White


It’s Summer time!  Fire up your grill and let the festivities begin.  For many Americans summer signifies outdoor activities like conducting a picnic or firing up the barbecue.   Many people who think of the word “barbecue” envision cooking hamburgers and hotdogs, but it is so much more than that.  This summer is full of surprises, so why not surprise your family and friends with a delicious Beef Tri-Tip.


Now don’t get me wrong, most people would agree that a hamburger would satisfy their appetite, but with the summer in full swing add some flavor to your grill.  Tri-tip is a great choice and the perfect entree if you are hosting a small party of 6-8 or even for your family of four; the leftovers will make a delicious sandwich.  The tri-tip cut comes from the Bottom Sirloin of the cow and is of moderate tenderness and marbling.  The cut started to gain popularity in the 1950’s on the Central California Coast, and has grown in national popularity since. Generally tri-tip’s in your local grocery store range in size from 1 ½ – 2 ½ pounds and in price from $4.50-$6.50/lb. Keep an eye out for summer sales and specials to save you a few dollars.


Tri-Tip is not only known for its savory taste, but is also recognized for its size. Usually a tri-tip will be about 2 inches thick allowing for a wonderful, juicy medium rare roast.  Cooking times will vary depending on the thickness of the meat; it could take anywhere from 20-30 min to cook depending on your preference. For myself, I prefer   kosher salt & cracked pepper as the seasoning.  Don’t limit yourself to my tastings, be creative and try different seasonings, there are several various spice blends in your local supermarket.  After you take it off the grill allow the meat to rest about 5 min before slicing.  As a side dish, tri-tip will go well with any of these options, coleslaw, macaroni salad, creamy mac & cheese, baked beans or potato salad.


Tri-Tip is an excellent addition to your summer cooking plans.  It is a great choice that will satisfy your friends and family on a budget.  Break away from the hamburgers and hotdogs and start a new tradition this summer


Summer Time Tri-Tip


1 ea – Beef Tri-Tip Roast 1 ½-2 ½ lbs

2 tbsp – Salt, Kosher or Sea Salt

2 tsp – Fresh Cracked Pepper



Mix salt & pepper and rub over roast. Let roast sit for 1-2 hrs, not in refrigerator. Light grill outside. Keep on high if using a gas grill or have coals mostly to one side if using charcoal grill. After grill is hot place roast on hottest section of grill. After 5 min turn roast over and grill for another 5 min. Now, turn down gas grill to med-low or place roast on the side with less coals and cook for about 10 min. Turn roast over and cook for another 10 min or when roast is at desired temperature,120 F for rare to 165 F for well. Take roast off grill and allow it to rest for approx. 5 min.  Slice the roast against the grain of the meat for most tender taste.  Serve immediately with your favorite sides and drink.







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